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At OMD we are dedicated to our clients’ growth. It starts with our unwavering commitment to deliver sharper insights, smarter ideas and stronger results.

At OMD Finland we are committed to helping our clients unlock demand potential, igniting consumer desire with our creativity, and powering our ideas with best-in-market proprietary data and technology. We champion a spirit of innovation and have a thirst for what’s next in the life of the digital consumer.

Discover what inspires the most awarded agency network in the world and how more powerful insights, ideas and results can unlock greater success for your brand.

OMD Finland has been our strategic marketing partner for 7 markets in Nordics and Baltics. Together with OMD we´ve been forerunners of the automotive industry in terms of insight based marketing planning, focus group understanding and digital marketing adoption. Thanks to our close partnership we´ve gained our market share and managed to communicate successfully and meaningfully our brand promise “Innovation that excites".

Pia PorkoBrand deployment manager, Nissan Nordic

OMD Finland has been driving us into the digital world quickly and assuredly. In close co-operation, we have created new ways to engage our consumers and have achieved great results by doing so, especially through mobile. The core of our successful co-operation is the people who understand our business, challenge us and share the same passion to develop our business as we do.

Christoffer RönnbladMarketing Director, McDonald’s Finland

OMD Finland has helped us confront the changing world of marketing communications. Together, we have found coherent ways to communicate with our customers and prospects when talking about complex banking issues. Through close and open-ended co-operation we have managed to attain our challenging goals, with the privilege of working alongside the great OMD team.

Hans TimolaMarketing Manager, Nordea

Our Work


Nissan Controller, Bronze, Effie 2016

Nissan Controller, Bronze, Effie 2016

Nissan, Best Integrated Campaing, Gold, Grand One 2016

Nissan, Best Integrated Campaing, Gold, Grand One 2016

McDonald's, Best Text Outdoor, Silver, Vuoden Huiput 2016

McDonald's, Best Text Outdoor, Silver, Vuoden Huiput 2016

Nissan, Best Web Campaign, Gold, Grand One 2016

Nissan, Best Web Campaign, Gold, Grand One 2016

Nissan, Digital Marketing, Silver, Vuoden Huiput 2016

Nissan, Digital Marketing, Silver, Vuoden Huiput 2016

Nissan, Best Social Media Campaign, Honorary mention, Grand One 2016

Nissan, Best Social Media Campaign, Honorary mention, Grand One 2016

New Children’s Hospital 2017, Best Society Campaign, Adprofit 2014

New Children’s Hospital 2017, Best Society Campaign, Adprofit 2014

McDonald’s Big Mac, Gold, Grand One 2014

McDonald’s Big Mac, Gold, Grand One 2014

New Children’s Hospital 2017, Silver, Vuoden Huiput 2014

New Children’s Hospital 2017, Silver, Vuoden Huiput 2014

YLE Doc Ventures, Gold, Grand One 2014

YLE Doc Ventures, Gold, Grand One 2014

Our People


Markus Grannenfelt

Managing Director

When Markus joined OMD Finland in August 2015, it sent a ripple through the national market; Markus is renowned for his innovative thinking, his fearlessness, and for being an inspiring, true leader. Markus is already taking OMD Finland, one of the most awarded agencies in the market, to a new level of leadership with a focus on our digital capabilities.

In his 20 years in marketing and media, Markus has striven to combine traditional marketing with creative thinking and technology and still takes a very hands-on role in our work. He began his career with BBDO and went on to found several companies, including White Sheep which became a leading digital agency in the Nordics and most recently Intellipocket, a mobile loyalty programme startup and a Red Herring Top 100 Company.

Markus is an investor and board member in several digital startups and has a history of building top-notch teams by finding and cultivating the best digital talent around. Markus is especially happy to be part of OMD as the company builds its omnichannel capabilities and accelerates its growth in the digital space.

Matti Cornér

Director, Head of Operations

Matti joined OMD in November 2015 as Head of Operations. He has over 15 years of experience in the media industry both from media agency as well as media houses, where he was driving the digital business development and media sales.  Matti is passionate about exceeding the client expectations, and, at OMD one of his main responsibilities is the overall client satisfaction among all OMD clients. He is also responsible for future growth and profitability of the business at OMD.  

Timo Paloheimo

Director, Head of Strategy

Paloheimo joins us from Isobar, where he worked as Strategy Director and Head of Strategy and Social. At OMD he will be responsible in developing our strategic planning competence. He will be working on our client’s growth strategies and developing our data-led marketing offering.


Michael Ovitz

Director, Head of Digital

Michael is a passionate marketing professional with a deep understanding of digital marketing and marketing technologies. He has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing communications and leading the data driven transformation.  He joined OMD in February 2016 to help OMD’s clients to grow business and to find new and innovative ways to develop their digital presence. 

At OMD he is responsible for the development of digital solutions and services, strategic planning in digital channels, data management and much more. Michael is enthusiastically making way for a true omnichannel world where marketing communications is deeply entwined with every aspect of our clients' businesses.

Mervi Kinnunen

Director, Head of Content

Mervi has joined OMD Finland in February. She has a strong background in developing and creating commercial content, most recently acting as Director of Branded Content Development at Fremantlemedia Finland. She has previously worked as Content Marketing Director at Sanoma and Commercial Executive Producer at MTV Media. At OMD Finland her responsibility is to help the clients to grow their business with data-driven creative content marketing solutions.

Jussi Piri

Director, Head of Annalect

Jussi joined OMD Annalect in August 2015 from the client side, where he most recently ran the marketing of Suomen Lähikauppa, a billion dollar retailer with close to 700 stores. During his tenure the Marketing ROI of Suomen Lähikauppa over quadrupled.

His experience in marketing, business development and general management spans over 15 years, four industries – consumer goods, sports fashion, retail and telecommunications – and the Nordics, Baltic and UK markets. To top it of he has managed over 24 brands, always delivering higher than market returns and significant improvements in brand metrics. He is considered as one of the rare breed of business leaders who values data and innovation in equal measure.

At OMD he is responsible for leading group-level data science unit Annalet: A 30 people strong analytics and insights specialist hub producing actionable insights with a tool agnostic approach. The Annalect unit starts with a framework that focuses on business issues, not just marketing issues and provides you with multi-discipline team of researchers, analysts, data scientists and industry experts that help to inform, measure and optimize your business. The trick is to choose always the best tool for any given task and to make sure that the insights are not only actionable, but also implemented. Passionate about improving business results, Jussi brings his passion to work through the Annalext team and through advising senior business leaders across a variety of industries. 

Susanne Vuori

Director, Insights

Susanne’s greatest passion is generating real and actionable strategic insights based on in-depth consumer understanding. She is responsible not only for ensuring that the correct insights are generated, but also that they are implemented in order to help OMD’s clients increase sales, improve the ROI of their marketing investment and create a sustainable competitive edge. She is also actively involved in the development of new innovative research solutions.

Susanne has over 13 years’ experience in research and consumers insights, and nine years of media agency experience. Her area of expertise in research using advanced statistical analyses, allowing us to dig deeper into the real emotional drivers of consumer behavior. In addition, she is an expert in brand research, purchase process analyses, pricing studies, tracking studies, campaign evaluations and ROI measurement.

Susanne has worked with clients across a multitude of industries including FMCG, automotive, financial, retail, education and medical. Before joining OMD in 2006, she was a Research Manager at a company specializing in B2B research.



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Petri Karppinen Profile

Meet Petri

Petri Karppinen

Media Director

I graduated in 1998 from university where I studied marketing. I started my media agency career at Carat 15 years ago. My main responsibility at OMD is trading.

“There is nothing as stable as change”. Almost every day at OMD is different to the one before, and working with smart, energetic and creative people is such a great experience. Being part of OMD feels like being part of the winning team.

“Leave future problems for the future”. It works, if not always then often. In addition, “no pain, no gain” is very true.

I find it’s always the people around me who inspire me. They are talented and eager to be challenged, so you need to make sure you’re awake. I often walk around the agency to talk to as many different people in different positions as I can.
Vilma Kärkkäinen Profile

Meet Vilma

Vilma Kärkkäinen

Account Director

I graduated in 2006 and prior to OMD worked at Dagmar as a TV Planner, Strategist and Client Manager between 2006 and 2015.

I’m a natural team player: as the middle child of a large family, I now enjoy my role as strategist, friend, colleague, team made, wife, sister and mum.

Outside my two work places (OMD and home) I love to play soccer with my team FF4b or golf with friends. I also enjoy reading books and rearranging our house.
Päivi Kurki Profile

Meet Päivi

Päivi Kurki

Research Manager

I graduated from Helsinki School of Economics in 2006. Before joining OMD in 2009 I worked as a media researcher at TNS Gallup for two years.

Fascinating! Unique personalities and talents at OMD inspire my everyday work. You can also rely on your team to exchange ideas and get advice or help when you need it.

I’ve gathered my research expertise in many fields of business as well as in using versatile research tools and statistical analyses.

OMD has a great location in an old brick building with unique decor. A great breakfast selection also gives a powerful start to the working day.

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